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The Robotic Pool Cleaner – A tried and tested way for reliable Pool Cleaning

A Robotic Pool Cleaner is a clean and efficient way of cleaning any pool. These cleaners come in handy when there are large pools or not enough man power to allocate for the required cleaning. All this cleaner requires is an electrical connection and a water suction point to transfer the water to the pool filters. The robot comes equipped with proximity sensors which have the ability to detect the presence of a wall and once the sensors detect the wall, the robot automatically changes its direction.

A usual technique of pool cleaning is to hire a pool cleaning guy whose knowledge of the pool cannot be guaranteed at all times, which may at the end cause the pool water quality to deteriorate. Another cumbersome way to keep the pool water quality is to drain the water at regular intervals. By using the robotic pool cleaner, both these issues can be avoided. The robot cleans every inch of the pool and does not let an iota of dirt or algae to stay in the pool.

Thus the problem of the “pool guy” is also avoided and there is no need to drain out the pool. Having this Robotic Pool Cleaner has another advantage, once the robot has been given the required connections (Electrical and Plumbing), the robot can be left unsupervised for the entire duration of the cleaning process.

There is no need to be on site during the entire cleaning process. Depending on the pool size, the robot is left for an adequate amount of time and at the end of which, all that needs to be done is switch off the robot and remove its connections (both electrical and plumbing). The Robotic Pool Cleaner is a neat and small piece of machinery which requires less storage space and is light weighted allowing ease of movement to and from the pool to the storage space where it is usually housed.

An added benefit of this is that during the purchase, the sales representative of the company can survey the pool and based on that he/she can advise the size of the Robotic Pool Cleaner required. Once that is narrowed down, the company representatives come for a demonstration which is easy to understand and simple to carry out even by a layman having no prior knowledge of pool management and cleaning processes.

The Robotic Pool Cleaner is a tried and tested method of pool cleaning and is currently used in many establishments such as Hotels, Gymnasiums and Residential Complexes and is a great investment for anyone with a pool.


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